Pregnant Onion (Albuca Bracteata) is an unusual plant as the bulb grows above ground and produces long spiraling leaves.


Once matured, bulbils form under the skin of the bulb and eventually pop off, drop to the ground, and start growing.

The bulb should be replanted partially covered with soil in a free-draining potting mix and allowed to dry between watering. The bulb will eventually grow to be mostly above the soil. It thrives on bright, indirect light. At maturity, Pregnant Onion makes a flower stalk covered with small white and green flowers.

Pregnant Onion is toxic if ingested. Please keep out of reach of small children and pets.


Dimension: Approx. 9-inches H, Pot is 2-inches W

Starter - Pregnant Onion (Albuca Bracteata) Plant - Local Pickup Only

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