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painted moss frame

Expand your creativity in this two-for-one workshop experience. We'll begin with a painting-tutorial of a 6 x 6-inch wooden frame. Your instructor will then guide your group on how to arrange moss and air plants to create a living arrangement. The frame is versatile and can rest on any flat surface or be hung on your wall.

Caring for your living wall art is minimal. No prior experience required.

WORKSHOP details

$135 PER PERSON (includes free US shipping)


A minimum of five participants is required to book a virtual workshop reservation. This workshop runs on average 75 minutes (up to 90 minutes). Please message us for more details.

This package includes the following for each participant:


  • 6 x 6-inch wooden frame (filled with sphagnum moss)

  • 12 acrylic paints

  • 5 paint brushes

  • Preserved reindeer moss (an assortment of colors)

  • 2 living air plants

  • Craft glue

  • Stainless steel tweezers

  • Dried florals

  • Coaching on your design




Please send us a message if you'd like to reserve a workshop and provide us with some dates/times, the size of your group, which package you'd like, and other pertinent details. Book your reservation as early as possible to ensure that our instructors are available.



Our team has received the Pfizer vaccine for COVID-19 and are prepared to show vaccination records. We are able to travel to your site for groups of 8 or more. We will practice all CDC social distancing protocols and continue to wear a face mask and will have hand sanitizer readily available for your group. Materials for your group will be individually packaged so that group members can also practice social distancing. A travel fee may be applied to your group's reservation. Please contact us with any questions.

Note that we reserve the right to substitute our plants, materials, and vessels due to the availability of supplies throughout the year.


A non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your workshop.

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