Organic Botanical

Tea Tasting

Our botanical tea tasting workshop is hands-on and will trigger your sense of touch, taste, smell, and sight. 

Using all organic ingredients, the purpose of this workshop is to promote wellness and the importance of self-care. Our facilitator offers an engaging session and will discuss the cultural influences of tea. Guests will learn about various botanical elements and their health benefits. Participants will also be guided through the steps of brewing different tea varieties. We'll share recommendations and tips based on your palette and guests are encouraged to ask questions throughout our time together.

As a part of our interactive virtual workshop series, each participant will receive a deluxe tea kit, which includes the following:

  • Versatile borosilicate glass teapot (also functions as a mug) with a built-in stainless steel strainer (450ml / 16oz)

  • 2 double-walled borosilicate glass teacups

  • Floral motif gold-plated stainless steel teaspoon

  • Floral-embroidered microfiber black tea cloth (12in square)

  • Your choice of 2 organic botanical tea blends from our menu below

  • Our special "tea of the month"

Each workshop runs for approx. 60 minutes. Participants simply need to provide their own boiled water (212° F).

Cost: $90 per person with free US shipping. International shipping options available.

Consider gifting the experience of a tea tasting workshop.

Organic Botanical Tisanes


Turmeric Yuzu Citrus

turmeric, yuzu peel, pineapple, mango, ginger, jasmine green tea, makrut lime oil

Sweet Mint Ginseng

schisandra berries, raspberries, ginseng, rosehips, peppermint, dandelion, burdock, licorice root

Chamomile Lavender

chamomile, rose hips,

lavender petals 10g

Elderberry Rooibos

rooibos, elderberries, hibiscus flowers, currants, blueberries, schisandra berries

Organic White Teas


White Jasmine Rose

rose petals, lavender flowers, peppermint, jasmine green tea, white tea

White Peach

quince, peaches, orange and tangerine oils, white tea

White Pomegranate

safflower, pomegranate seed oil, white tea 6g

White Vanilla Chai

cinnamon, cardamom, ginger root, clove, natural vanilla, white tea 10g

Organic Green Tea


Green Passion Calendula

jasmine green tea, calendula, passionfruit 18g

Organic Black Tea


Black Sun

hibiscus, apples, orange peel, currant, rose, turmeric, chili flakes, and blackberry leaf 14g

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